Finding affordable housing is an ever increasing challenge. Although there are a variety of causes for the escalating cost, there is one that can and should be addressed by the state legislature and at other levels of government: Regulations. 

Although sensible regulations are necessary, it is critical that regulations be reviewed and then refined or eliminated if they are no longer relevant. Regulations drive up costs for developers and builders, impacting the cost of all types of housing, and the enforcement of regulations drives up the cost of government. 

Homeownership is an important part of the American way of life. It is continually more difficult for young families to afford a home in the 30th district. Condominiums may be a more affordable option. Current regulations encourage the building of apartments and discourage the development of condos. Measures should be taken to reverse this.

For more than 30 years, the Growth Management Act has impacted development in the Puget Sound Area. Although it may have been enacted with the best of intentions to reduce urban sprawl, it is driving up the cost of housing. It is past time for a total review of the Growth Management Act.

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