As a primary responsibility of the state, it is critical that education be fully funded. Once again, there is money being wasted in unneeded regulations and programs. Instead of being directed to the classroom, money is increasingly diverted to administrative costs. There also needs to be a more equitable distribution of funds between districts. Federal […]


Even though I am a natural optimist, I recognize that good times do not last forever. Just a few weeks ago the economy was riding high…a record setting stock market, the lowest unemployment rate on record and revenues coming into the state treasury that far surpassed expectations. It is truly amazing how quickly things can […]


The new taxes implemented in the last legislative session need to be repealed. An income tax in any form, including a capital gains tax, should not be considered. With wise budgeting, the need for increased spending in the areas of law enforcement, addiction recovery and mental health can be implemented with no new taxes.  The […]


The COVID-19 pandemic has created some challenges that many of us never imagined.  There is a balancing act. Governor Inslee and others have gotten a few things right, but have thrown other things out of balance for no reason. Let’s use common sense. With a contagious virus it makes sense for people to work from […]


Finding affordable housing is an ever increasing challenge. Although there are a variety of causes for the escalating cost, there is one that can and should be addressed by the state legislature and at other levels of government: Regulations.  Although sensible regulations are necessary, it is critical that regulations be reviewed and then refined or […]

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