The COVID-19 pandemic has created some challenges that many of us never imagined. 

There is a balancing act. Governor Inslee and others have gotten a few things right, but have thrown other things out of balance for no reason. Let’s use common sense.

With a contagious virus it makes sense for people to work from home if possible, to limit large groups of people in close proximity, encourage social distancing and cancel school for an appropriate time.

Other things do not make sense:

Construction projects have been ordered to stop — unless of course it is a government project. Apparently the governor in his infinite wisdom has discovered the construction workers on government projects are immune from the virus but private sector workers are not. In reality, by their very nature, most of the construction trades and social distancing coexist very well. Why shut down this critical segment of the economy when it is generally not bringing workers into close proximity with each other. Common sense is not very common in Olympia. 

Fishing. A ban on fishing! My brother-in-law enjoys a quiet morning on the Sound fishing in his kayak. The last I heard there is not a danger of Human to Fish or Fish to Human transmission of the virus. Once again, common sense is not very common in Olympia.

Closing parks and trails. Closing a playground where kids are constantly touching the toys makes sense. But people go to parks and hike on trails to get away from people. King County closed the Green River and Interurban Trails. Walking or biking on trails like that is the very definition of social distancing. Common sense is not very common in Olympia or in Seattle.

These are just three examples, but the list could go on. 

The vast majority of`people have been very respectful of the need for social distancing and taking common sense precautions, but I am concerned that as time goes on and the government makes demands that do not make sense, people will be less cooperative. 

It is only common sense to draw a distinction between the important and the ridiculous. Perhaps emails and phone calls to the governor and other state county and local officials will help them decide that common sense should be a little more common.

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